Garden in English style with animal pasture and beautiful monuments.

* Groot Kasteel (castle ruin), partly destroyed by fire in 1944.
* Dinghuis (16th century)
This "dinghuis", an extension of the Groot Kasteel, served until the French era as a court house and meeting place for the dingbank. The Dinghuis is currently being used as an atmospheric restaurant.
* Small Castle (from before 1383)
The castle is the first residence of the Heren van Deurne and is also called the "Hoff van Doirne". In the twenties the artist Otto van Rees lived here and later artist Pieter Wiegersma.
* Water mill
This water mill across the Vlier has façade anchors that suggest that the building dates from 1631, but in its current form the building dates from 1690. In 1980 the national monument was restored and in 1994 a new water wheel was hung in the lock work.
* Castle farm (1804)
This farm of the North Brabant long façade type has year anchors with the foundation year (1804). This national monument borders the Kasteelpark and was commissioned by the lord of the castle. The business area was restored in 1973 and converted into a home.