These are exciting times, because in 2018, Brabant is the European Region of Gastronomy. And of course, Deurne is celebrating, with innovative food concepts, special events, exhibitions and excursions, which will allow you to get to know the production, the processing and the preparation of the food of the past and the present, with fine dining at exceptional locations and of course, our signature Brabant hospitality. Come and celebrate with us!

A Peel village with a creative approach

We would like to welcome you to our beautiful municipality. The people here in Deurne have one thing in common: a creative approach. Art and innovation are typical qualities of our village. Deurne is well known for its artists, such as the writers Antoon Coolen, Toon Kortooms and Friso Wiegersma, the last of whom wrote the beautiful song Het Dorp. But Deurne is also creative and inventive when it comes to food. Jan Bekkers from Deurne was the inventor of the current frikandel, made from separated meat. He invented the frikandel in 1959 as a means to prevent the waste of food. Even now, we are frontrunners when it comes to so-called “forgotten vegetables”, healthy food, healthy additives such as oyster mushrooms, and sustainable innovations in agriculture and horticulture. In 2018, a real Chefs’ Battle will further stimulate the creativity of Deurne and the Peel, and provide delicious and honest food. We are proud to say: Deurne, palette of De Peel!