VVV Asten

Asten and The Peel 
Asten is located in The Peel on the border of Brabant and Limburg. This originally rugged area that stretched from the Limburg Maas banks to The Kempen has been drastically reduced in size as a result of many years of reclamation. 

To give an impression of just how uninhabitable this area used to be, we recommend a visit to National Park De Groote Peel. The park is located partly on Asten territory (Brabant) and partly on Limburg territory. The starting points to the various hiking routes are located at Outdoor Center De Pelen.

Staying the night
Asten and its surroundings are well worth a few-day visit. To extensively discover the Peel, we recommend a longer stay. There are plenty of luxury accommodations available, such as campsites with all the necessary amenities or a relaxing stay with a farmer. Do you prefer a hotel, a B&B, a holiday cottage or a stay in group? It is all possible in Asten.

And so much more...
There is so much we haven’t even mentioned yet, such as golfing, swimming, horseback riding, predatory bird shows, the observatory and its planetarium, etc. In short, there is a lot to discover in Asten and The Peel. We gladly welcome you to our VVV store where we can give you even more information.

The VVV, located at the Burgemeester Wijnenstraat 1 in Asten, is the best starting point to get to know Asten. For more tips and background information, please feel free to pass by the VVV.

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