Vis & Co Fish specialist store

Vis & Co has a daily selection of fresh and fried fish, salads, paella and other specialties. The store also doubles as a restaurant for a quick bite to eat.

Fish specialist store
Vis & Co is a fish specialist store and offers a wide assortment of delicious fresh fish. Or try Vis & Co’s delicious fried fish and fresh sandwiches or the fish and herring platter. And there is a vast choice of products that can easily be prepared at home. Easy and delicious!

A bite to eat on-site
Part of the store has been reserved for customers who wish to enjoy the fresh specialties of Vis & Co on-site. Come and have a taste!

Practical Information

Disabled facilities
Disabled access Yes
Smoke and animal-free (for CNSLD) yes

Day From Till
Tuesday 10:00 17:30
Wednesday 10:00 17:30
Thursday 10:00 17:30
Friday 10:00 19:00
Saturday 10:00 16:00