Tour de Helmond

Helmond has a unique cycling and hiking route: Tour de Helmond! This 45 km long cycling route takes you past all the most beautiful sights of the city.

Tour de Helmond
The Tour de Helmond is a 45 km long cycling route. You can start the tour anywhere and in both directions. You can do the route on foot or by bicycle. Simply follow the signposting and go for the full tour or just half of it.
You will not only discover beautiful greenery, but you will also visit the picturesque residential districts of the city, such as Brandevoort and Dierdonk, and quaint villages, such as Stiphout. You will discover just how green the immediate surroundings of Helmond really are and you will see all the highlights of the city. The Tour de Helmond is supported by official participants next to the route, such as bars and restaurants and museums, as well as an eel farm, a miniature golf course and a fruit farming company.
All great places for a quick break You will also pass by recreational pool Berkendonk, where you can even visit the beach!
The route booklet is available for € 2.75 at various points of sale, including VVV Helmond, located on the ground floor of the Helmond Library.
For more information visit the special website:  
Discover the extraordinary Layar Project. By looking around you with your smartphone, you can bring the surroundings to life. A set of eight points of interest will give you more information about the history of the area or building you are looking at.
Join the Pipe
Join the Pipe is the first social network for drinkers of tap water. They are trying to create the world’s longest water pipe, together with people from all over the globe. The city of Helmond has supported the initiative by placing a number of water taps next to the Tour de Helmond.