Seigniorial Green cycling route

Gemert - Handel seigniorial Green cycling route.

10 Km Experience nature! 
1. [turn right] From VVV Seigniorial Freedom Gemert-Bakel, Ridderplein 49
2. [turn right] 1st road (Virmundtstraat)
3. [turn left] End of Virmundtstraat to Molenakkerstraat
4. [turn right] At the little chapel (St. Annastraat)
5. [straight ahead] At the roundabout (Lodderdijk) towards Handel
6. [straight ahead] At the 2nd roundabout (Handelse weg)
7. [turn right] After eatery 't Hofke (Mariahofke)
8. [turn left] After 50 meters (Mariahofke)
9. [turn right] T-junction (Kapelweg)
10. [turn left] 1st road (Eikenwalweg)
11. [turn left] T-junction (Heerenveldseweg)
12. [straight ahead] At the intersection (Strybosscheweg)
13. [straight ahead] At the intersection, turns into a sand road. Continue to follow on the left
14. [turn right] Boslaan
15. [straight ahead] At the intersection (Lieve Vrouwensteeg)
16. [straight ahead] At the intersection, into the cul-de-sac
17. [turn right] End (Lieve Vrouwensteeg)
18. [straight ahead] Cross the main road
19. [turn left] Follow the cycle path
20. [turn right] After 50 meters (Deel)
21. [turn left] At the chapel at the end (Deel)

22. [straight ahead] At the roundabout, follow "Centrum"
23. [straight ahead] T-junction and after 500 meters


End of the cycling route