Riding and driving trails in Deurne

125 km of horseback-riding fun in the municipality of Deurne

125 km of horseback-riding fun in the municipality of Deurne
In the middle of The Peel, surrounded by beautiful nature, you can find the municipality of Deurne. The network of riding and driving trails in Deurne consists of unpaved trails on a sandy soil. Ideal for horses, riders and drivers. You ride through forests and heathlands, vast meadows and past cozy villages. Hospitable entrepreneurs offer a place to stay the night for you and your horse. Deurne is a great starting point for a few days of riding fun. And if your horse needs a rest, why not pay a visit to one of the many sights or events in our municipality? Or come and enjoy the typical Brabant conviviality and hospitality in one of the many restaurants and bistros in Deurne or at one of the many sidewalk cafés. You are more than welcome!

How does the network of riding trails work?
The roadmap shows an overview of the 125 km of signposted riding and driving trails in Deurne. The network consists of loops that are connected through numbered junctions. The numbered junctions on the map correspond to the red-white junctions in the field. The routes have signposting in both directions and the distances between the junctions are indicated on the map. By riding from one junction to the next, you have complete freedom to decide the direction and the length of your route.

At the bottom of this page, you can directly download the roadmap

The riding trails also digitally available
All the riding trails of the network in Deurne are also available for free online at www.ruiterenenmennen.nl. Simply select Deurne within the province of North Brabant and choose your starting point. Create your own riding or driving route online and choose how you wish to use your route, on paper or through GPS coordinates. You can also e-mail your route or share it with your friends through social media outlets.

A good start
The network has various starting points that are all indicated on the map. They are the ideal starting point for your route with plenty of parking spaces and a (small) bar or restaurant.

Some guidelines and safety tips
It is important that you stay on the signposted trails. The trails are freely accessible with permission of various nature conservation organizations in order to protect the vulnerable parts of nature as much as possible. If you see any signs or information panels, please follow the indicated rules.
It is possible that other groups of users might be active on the roads and trails of the network. Show respect for each other and always approach other users carefully. You are a guest in the area, so please do not litter.

Any remarks?
The trails of the network are constantly being maintained and improved. However, if you notice anything wrong with a route, please feel free to contact the VVV Deurne on +31 (0)493 - 323 655 or send an e-mail to info@vvvdeurne.nl.

Deurne has even more to offer horse lovers
Besides places to sleep with your horse and great starting points and stopping places, various entrepreneurs also offer a number of possibilities for horse lovers:
Peelvenhoeve: guesthouse stables / training facility / indoor riding school / swimming pond
Stal Mira: outdoor riding facility / guesthouse stables / training facility / indoor riding school
Pensionstal De Kawei: guesthouse stables / training facility / indoor riding school
Stal Goossens: covered wagon and carriage rides
Hippocare: all necessities and accessories for horse and rider