Mijmerplek Helenaveen

A place for daydreaming in the middle of the Peel on the spot where one of the former Royal Manors used to be, with a bench, information sign and inspiring piece of art.

Memories of days gone by
King Willem III bestowed a number of so-called ‘Royal Manors’ to Helenaveen. Unfortunately, in 1921, a few of these houses were burnt down in a large peat moor fire. In one of the places where such a manor used to be, a place for daydreaming has been created. 

Dreaming away in a beautiful place
A stately farm used to be here, the spot of the former well having even been dug out again. The old orchard with fruit trees and a walnut tree has also been restored to its former glory. You can dream away sitting on a bench, with an information sign and inspiring piece of art. The perfect place for drifting off for a while. 

The Hell-hound
The Peel used to be a rough, mysterious and inaccessible area. The Peel had many legends and myths on devils, werewolves and drowned knights. 'The Hell-hound' that seems to jump out of the well of the former royal manor takes us back to those days gone by, when the devil used to wash in the Soemeer (the reason why the water in the Peel is still as black as tar!). The Hell-hound was made by the Helenaveen artist Dirk Verberne.