Heiakkerpark, play park

Playing outside with natural materials such as willow branch huts, tree trunks, fortress, tree hut and many more!

The Heiakkerpark is a large park with a pond that is the place for frequent fishing. It contains three main fields on which the neighbourhood council has placed wooden goal posts. The play grove is an ideal hiding place where you can build, make a bridge and play on the hill. The park lies in the centre of a residential area and the only roads running through it are bicycle and walking routes.

Challenge for children 
Children are challenged to play outside. Playing together by carrying wood, building huts and crossings over ditches. Learning from nature in the middle of a park close to home, where they can go to by themselves. In the natural playground the emphasis is on the use of natural materials.

Endless play
A play hill, willow tree huts, tree trunks to climb over, a watch tower, trenches and a fortress offer plenty of fun. The ditch is wider so children can wade in up to their knees with a fishing net. That way they can learn from nature in a park without car traffic, in the middle of a residential area every day of the year!