Gemert-Bakel, a beautiful green community

Gemert-Bakel is a village with a green character at the edge of The Peel that offers its inhabitants and the visitors a wide range of facilities when it comes to shopping, restaurants, bars, culture, sports and recreation.

A beautiful green community
The village has a rich history to which the castle, located at the Ridderplein, is an impressive testimony. Besides this beautifully restored building, there are also many other historic sights.

The green character of Gemert-Bakel is wonderful, something that can be seen in the castle park, the various herb gardens and the outskirts with plenty of forests and meres in this part of nature reserve The Peel. 

“Gemert-Bakel, Beautifully Green” is a brand that represents its surroundings, the outskirts and where inhabitants and tourists are involved in nature and all its aspects.

Various cycling and hiking routes are available at VVV Seigniorial Freedom Gemert-Bakel.