Fishing spots in Deurne

Deurne municipality has various beautiful fishing spots. Fishing in these waters requires a fishing permit, which allows you to fish in the waters managed by the angling association.

Deurne municipality has various beautiful fishing spots.. Fishing in these waters requires a national fishing permit. The fishing grounds in Deurne are managed by the Peel angling association, which also issues day permits and week permits.

The fishing permit allows you to cast your fishing line in the following waters
* The Clarinet fishpond, situated at Hanenbergweg in Zeilberg 
* The Peelland fishpond, situated at Burg. Roefslaan in St. Jozefsparochie 
* The Heiakker fishpond, situated at Sleutelbloem in the Heiakker area 
* The Brink fishpond, situated at Snoerstebaan in Liessel. Spot 1 up to 58 and 100 up to 110 
* Deurne Canal from Neerkant dam to the Noordervaart in Meijel 
* Helenavaart

The Peel angling association ensures Deurne and its surroundings to have great fishing spots. To this end, the association has rented and leased fishing waters, organises annual fishing courses for youngsters and various fishing competitions and looks after the local angler's interests. 

The fishing permit of the Peel angling association is available at Discus Hengelsport, Hoofdstraat 75 in Liessel, tel. 0493-342 391