DeurneWiki TR Plekke

The history of Deurne literally within reach with DeurneWiki TR plekke on your own smart phone or tablet.

Your personal guide on your smart phone or tablet 
A wealth of historico-cultural information on Deurne municipality is available via DeurneWiki. This on-line encyclopaedia was initiated by H.N. Ouwerling local history club. All information, especially regarding the monuments in Deurne municipality is directly available on the site itself to tourists, holiday-makers and other interested parties. The project employs Wikitude. 

Discover the world in a new way with Wikitude 
The Wikitude World Browser is a fun, innovative and informative Augmented Reality-platform that allows you to discover the world around you in a completely new way. It combines reality with its virtual counterpart. How does it work? Simply by holding your smart phone or tablet camera in front of you. Wikitude puts a layer over the camera image and uses icons to provide additional information on special (historical) locations, together with a short explanation. If you like to learn more about the object you can directly proceed to the associated DeurneWiki page. 

Make your device ready for use 
Setting off right away? Install the Wikitude World Browser on your Android or iPhone mobile phone and/or tablet. Wikitude is available via your device´s app-market or app-store. Next, choose the ‘DeurneWiki TR Plekke’ feature and your device is ready for your exploratory tour. 

Would you like more information? Please watch the training film to learn more about the use and the installation. 

If you do not want or cannot use the Wikitude application but you are able to scan a QR code, Deurne municipality offers you yet another option to learn more about your environment. Posts with a QR code have been placed in various places in the field. By scanning them with your smart phone or tablet, you are immediately linked to the information on the DeurneWiki website. A working internet connection is required for this feature to work. 

Thematic tours
Both Wikitude and QR codes allow you to make a thematic tour through the centre of Deurne. A free flyer on a historic tavern tour and a route through the Haageind castle grounds is available at the Tourist Information Office. Background information can also be requested en route during the 'Met de Beekmannen op stap' themed bike tour in this fashion.
For all the above features, we make use of “Augmented Reality”, also referred to in professional literature as "AR". An explanation of objects or "Points of Interest" (POI's) in Deurne municipality can be directly retrieved by clicking an icon “on the spot“. If you like to know more about the object or related matters, you can proceed to the relevant page in DeurneWiki. 

Project background and realisation 
After almost a year of preparation, the DeurneWiki TR Plekke project started on 7 February 2011 and was implemented by collaboration with H.N. Ouwerling local history club, Deurne municipality and Tourist Information Office UITpunt Deurne, with financial support provided by Interreg IV. The DeurneWiki TR Plekke project makes the historico-cultural information in Deurne municipality, digitalized by the local history club, on the spot available to tourists, holiday-makers and other interested parties. Deurne is ready for virtual discovery.