Deurne municipality MTB network

Mountain biking through the woodlands of Deurne municipality. The network consists of 5 separate single tracks interlinked through connecting routes.

Riding you bicycle on sand paths through nature
Mountain biking is an active sport practised by more and more people. Riding your bicycle in nature on sand paths, climbing and descending is a true challenge. The Peel is excellently suited for this popular sport as there is an enormous variation of landscape and subsoil. 

79 kilometres of signposted routes
Deurne municipality boasts a number of beautiful woodlands that have been made accessible to sporty mountain bikers. The varied track, created by 4 touring clubs and the municipality, consists of 5 separate tours, interlinked through connecting routes. The track runs through Zandbos forest, Vlierden forest, Walsberg forest, Liessel and Neerkant forest and has many winding parts where technical skill is required. In addition, the challenge was upped by fully incorporating the differences in height in the area. 

Single track routes 
Bikkel route 14.2 km 
Zandbos route 10.1 km 
Walsberg route 4.5 km 
Liessel route 14 km 
Neerkant route 6.8 km 

Connecting routes 
Bikkel route- Zandbos route vice versa connecting route 1.7 km 
Zandbos route- Walsberg route vice versa connecting route 5.5 km 
Walsberg route-Liessel route vice versa connecting route 10.4 km 
Liessel route-Neerkant route vice versa connecting route 8.2 km 
Liessel route-Bikkel route vice versa connecting route 3.5 km 

The routes have been marked with green signposts, the arrow indicating the route direction. The 5 routes in the woods have been mapped out in one direction (which can be found on the tour network map). The connecting routes are indicated by black signs bearing the same symbol as the green ones. These routes have been signposted in two directions. 

Starting points 
You can start the routes at any given place, but we would like to give you a few suggestions that also indicate parking options. 
Start of Zandbos route: Zandbos car park, can be reached via Schalkertweg and Strijpsebaan in Deurne. 
Start of Bikkel route: Biesdiel Vlierden. You can use the car park behind the kiosk in the centre of Vlierden and then drive to the starting point via Schooteindseweg. 
Start of Liessel route: Hoekseweg Liessel. You can use the car park at the Marktplein square in Liessel and drive to the starting point via Mgr. Berkvenstraat. 
Start Neerkant route: Neerkant sports park, Moostdijk 4, Neerkant 
Start of Walsberg route: Suezlaan Deurne 

Mountain bike code of behaviour
- ride your bicycle only where allowed
- respect nature: plants as well as animals
- ride in small groups
- warn other holiday-makers in a timely and kind manner
- approach other holiday-makers and busy locations at a foot pace
- prevent unnecessary braking: spare the subsoil
- do not make unnecessary noise
- do not leave waste behind

Route network map available at Deurne Tourist Information Office
The entire network can be found on the tear-proof mountain bike route network map in a plastic cover. This is available at € 1,50 at Deurne Tourist Information Office and can also be downloaded at the bottom of this article. 

The route network was set up by TC ’t Verzetje and TC De Wekkers from Deurne, the Marma Trimmers from Liessel and the Wielervrienden from Neerkant in collaboration with Deurne municipality and SRE.