'De Volksvriend' mill with baker's cottage


Gitzels Mill
Piet Gitzels, known in Liessel as the miller, had this mill built in 1903 at what was then the Schoolstraat, the current Hoofdstraat. The mill was therefore also called Gitzels mill. This structure, with its wingspan of 26 meters, was higher and broader than the old mill of Liessel and has two sets of millstones, one of which has been dismantled. The construction of the belt cost 25 guilders. This is one of the youngest mills of the region.

War damage 
In the autumn of 1944, the mill suffered war damaged. In 1946 it was repaired. Parts of the dismantled stone gristmill from Bergeijk were used for the restoration. The mill has two pairs of millstones, including one of 17-inch-thick cullen stones, which is, however, not functioning. After the war, the mill was sold to the van Deursen miller's family.

The mill has been property of Deurne municipality since 1966. In 1970, the mill was thoroughly renovated and made ready for milling. The mill is still regularly used by a few volunteer millers and can usually be visited on Thursdays and Saturdays. In 2010, another renovation was carried out, at which time the mechanism was reviewed and partly renewed. The mill is operated by volunteer millers. 

Baker's cottage
Near to the mill is a baker's cottage which was rebuilt in its original state in 1988 by order of the guild. In the past, there were 20 bakeries in Liessel, including seven of these cottages. 

Practical Information

Day From Till
Thursday 10:00 16:00
Saturday 10:00 16:00