Café Gij&Ik

At the Ridderplein overlooking the Castle of Gemert, Café Gij&ik is a cozy bar where young and old meet.


Around noon, you can visit us for a cup of coffee, fresh orange juice or delicious lunch. For the menu, please check out our website  


Café Gij&ik has a great selection of drinks including 65 special beers, including our privat lable ‘Gij&ik Bier’. Further, we offer a wide range of cocktails, liqueurs and a variety of wines. 


In the night we are the best place in town to dance. with a variety of DJs every Friday and Saturday from 11 pm. We regularly organize theme nights and several famous DJs performed at our bar.
For our agenda check   

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5421 CX, Gemert