Bicycle tour 'Met de Beekmannen op stap'

19, 25 or 37 km bicycle tour of Deurne, Griendtsveen, Helenaveen and Liessel

Distance: 19, 25 or 37 km 
Itinerary: Deurne, Griendtsveen, Helenaveen and Liessel 

The themed bicycle tour 'Met de Beekmannen op stap' will have you visit the Peel reserve and the villages of Deurne, Griendtsveen, Helenaveen and Liessel. You cycle through the beautiful Deurne Peel and Mariapeel and see the former peat cutting settlement of Griendtsveen, a picturesque village with numerous little bridges and monuments. Cycling along the Helenavaart you enter, Helenaveen, another former peat cutting settlement. The village was acclaimed as the greenest village of the Netherlands in 2009. The tour ends at the charming marketplace in Deurne, where there are numerous monuments and pleasant terraces. 

Along the way you 'meet' Toon Kortooms, who wrote the books Help, de dokter verzuipt and Beekman and Beekman a.o. He grew up in Deurne and Griendtsveen and the Peel reserve inspired his numerous Peel novels. 
Tip: make a stop along the way at the Toon Kortooms park for a closer look.

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The full-colour key map with background information is also available at € 1.40 at Deurne Tourist Information Office, or you can download the map at the bottom of this page.