Bicycle route 'Langs het tuinpad van....'

Bicycle route of 22, 29.5 or 43 km through Deurne, Liessel, Vlierden, Bakel and Milheeze

Distance: 22, 29.5 or 43 km 

Itinerary: Deurne, Liessel, Vlierden, Bakel and Milheeze 

Did you know that the song 'Het Dorp' (The Village) is about Deurne? The famous Dutch song written by Friso Wiegersma (son of the renowned Wiegersma family from Deurne) for his life partner Wim Sonneveld. 

A route bringing you close to Antoon Coolen, Toon Kortooms, Jules de Corte and other artists living and working in Deurne. 

A beautiful route through culture and nature – including Liessel forest and the Brouwhuis heath. Cosy small villages alternate with the expanse of the rural area.

The full-colour itinerary with background information is available at € 1.40 at Deurne Tourist Information Office - or you can download the map at the bottom of this page.