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Society for Ecological Living and Gardening (VELT)

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In Gemert, the Society for Ecological Living and Gardening (VELT) mainly deals with natural cures, natural ornamental gardens, biological vegetable cultivation, ecological food and nature development. The society manages an informational garden of three hectares, located a few hundred meters from Castle Gemert and the quaint town center. In this “educational garden”, there are many types of herbs and test cultivations of special vegetables. That way, VELT-Gemert helps to maintain the old green village landscape.

You can take various workshops in the informational garden of VELT-Gemert about the use of herbs. Cost: € 15 per person, coffee or tea included. In group or individually, you will learn about how you can make various products: healing ointments or oils, herb shower gel and shampoo, herb vinegar or an entire biological lunch with herbs and wild plants. Cost: € 15 per person, coffee or tea included.
There are also tours available which last around 90 minutes. Cost: € 5 per person, coffee or tea included.

VELT herb shop
In the "VELT herb shop" (located in the VELT sun room), you can browse the assortment of numerous books about natural food and gardening and special regional products: 125 seeds of herbs and special vegetables, cutting plants, all sorts of healing herb ointments and oils for various skin problems, herb shampoos and herb shower gels, herb syrups and flower honey, dried herb tea and popcorn. Everything comes directly from the VELT garden and has been cultivated without pesticides or fertilizer. You can also get more information in the VELT sun room about ecological gardening, cooking and using herbs. The products are also available on the website of VELT.

Relaxing day out
Spending a day together surrounded by nature is very relaxing. That makes VELT the ideal destination for a company outing, a birthday or just for fun. Are you wildly enthusiastic and you know some other people who would also enjoy a visit to VELT? Then why not treat them to a workshop? There are gift certificates available for € 15.

You can also hire a guide at VELT
You can hire a guide for a special trip through the nature and the history of Gemert-Bakel (on the condition that you provide your own transportation during the tour). The possibilities: hikes (max. 12 persons), cycling trips (max. 20 persons), bus tours (max. 1 bus), tourist tram with sound system (1 car or van). Cost: € 100 for per block of two hours.


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